Learning Objectives

What’s the core business of a teacher?

  • To TEACH?
  • To COACH?
  • To GUIDE?

Our focus for this project is to:

  • Apply an instructional design model in the production of an interactive, multimedia  and web-based learning resource to teach a topic of a school subject.
  • Design, select the relevant learning materials to help the target audience to acquire the relevant skills, concept and attitude.
  • Use the Web 2.0 technology to create an interactive learning environment which provide 24/7 support for self-directed learners.
  • Reflect on the instructional design and production process undertaken to review and revise on the application of learning theories and models.

We sincerely hope that this journey to the creation of a TEACHER which may serve as the BEST ROLE MODEL for the learners!



In your opinion, why does a teacher teach?


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The Present Moment!

white-blue-peacockMay this experience of Integrating ICT in the teaching and learning for enhancing the process be an enjoyable one!

Carañce nādhigaccheyya
seyyaṃ sadisamattano,
ekacariyaṃ daḷhaṃ kayirā;
natthi bāle sahāyatā.

Should a seeker not find
a companion who is better or equal,
let one resolutely pursue a solitary course;
there is no fellowship with the fool.

Dhammapada 5.61

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