Google Form

This is a useful tool to perform online evaluation that we may tailor made to fulfill our needs. It can be in the form of evaluation form, online quizzes/test, poll, etc.

The procedure involves three steps:

  1. Create the Google form
  2. Distribute the form to the respondents to gather information.
  3. Check the responses to analyze the result of the survey.

Step 1: Creating the Google Form

Here’s the guide on how to create Google Form:

dottotech. (2014). Google forms – Google Drive’s hidden gem.

You can look at the other options which you may use in Google form by watching the following video:

foersterangie. (2013). Advanced questions in Google Form.

Can we create branching form where only the parties concerned will answer the relevant question and skip what is irrelevant? Let watch this demonstration:

Musallam, Ramsey. (2013). Branching Google Form

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