APA Reference Style – Using MS Word as your guide

For academic writing, we would cite the ideas and findings of the authoritative figure to support our statement or argument. Unless and until we ourselves had done researches and our findings are solid enough to received recognition and acceptance from the academicians, we need the generally accepted principles, findings and idea from main stream to base our claim for our stand for a particular issue or decision.

In-text citation

Below is an example of in-text citation:

(image source: http://cardcatalog.tui.edu/download/website/writencite.htm)

We are citing ideas that we borrowed from the others when we are putting forward an statement, using other’s finding to defense our stand and support our argument.

These are links that show you how to make in-text citation:

 University of Maryland University College had show the principles of writing the citation (style and format):

Reference List Citation / Bibliography

The American Psychology Association Publication Manual (6th ed.) says, “Each reference cited in text must appear in the reference list, and each entry in the reference list must be cited in text” 

The best guide would be The American Psychology Association (APA.org). Click here for the guides on how to cite or quote certain resources:

APA.org. (2014). Quick Answers – References.

APA Style Referencing | MS Word – Reference Feature

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