Hot Potatoes – JCloze (Cloze or Fill in the blanks)

You may create cloze test, i.e. filling in the blanks with text.



Just follow this simple guide and try to explore on your own other possibilities and alternatives.

Kan, Sumitra Fong Kuen. (2014). JCloze for creating Cloze Test.

Upload your cloze test to WordPress

Kan, Sumitra Fong Kuen. (2014). Upload JCloze to WordPress.

Note: It enable you to create a HYPERLINK to open the html page in a new window.

EMBED your cloze exercise in your WordPress site:

  1. Uploaded the cloze.htm and the related images (if any) to the media library.
  2. Get the URL of the cloze.htm.
  3. Start a new page, in the TEXT mode, paste the following code:
    <iframe src=”URL obtained in the Media Library” width=”99%” height = “600”><?iframe>
  4. Click the UPDATE button.
  5. View your page.

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