Joe Hishaishi & New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra

Joe Hisaishi (久石讓), the Japanese musician had composed many them songs for the famous Japanese animation created by Hayao Miyazaki (宫崎骏)。

2. Nausciaa of The Valley of Wind. (2010).

Joe  Hisaishi – Totoro theme(龙猫). (2008).


久石讓 in 武道館 ~與宮崎駿動畫一起走過的25年~ .(2012).

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The Present Moment!

white-blue-peacockMay this experience of Integrating ICT in the teaching and learning for enhancing the process be an enjoyable one!

Carañce nādhigaccheyya
seyyaṃ sadisamattano,
ekacariyaṃ daḷhaṃ kayirā;
natthi bāle sahāyatā.

Should a seeker not find
a companion who is better or equal,
let one resolutely pursue a solitary course;
there is no fellowship with the fool.

Dhammapada 5.61

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