Instruction for your learners

1. Disclaimer:

  • Tell the audience what is the purpose of your site/blog.
  • Explain the limit and scope of your site/blog.
  • State the browser for BEST VIEWING of your site/blog.

2. Instruction:

EACH and EVERY PAGE should starts with:

  • Title
  • Instruction
  • Relate it to the learning objective/learning outcomes/reading activity/exercise/quiz, etc.

LET THE AUDIENCE KNOW WHAT TO DO with the material(s) provided.


For example:

When you embedded website, kindly TELL your students what do you expect them to do?

  • pick only 2-3 rhymes/poems to read or reading ALL the articles provided?
  • write a summary?
  • give comment?
  • copy 4-5 beautiful sentences?
  • find the meanings for 5 difficult words?
  • draw a picture to show the most attractive character/scene/incidence, etc?

When you give a reading passage, tell the student what could be the follow up activities?

  • copy the passage?
  • answer the Quiz?
  • do the exercises?
  • draft a script or do a presentation to share ideas/opinion/feeling, etc?

When you embed a video, what should the students do?

  • What to look for in the video? (the main characters/event/causes & effects/extraordinary item, etc.)?
  • What to do after watching the video?

Similarly do the same for the other items that you have included as your assignment. 

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The Present Moment!

white-blue-peacockMay this experience of Integrating ICT in the teaching and learning for enhancing the process be an enjoyable one!

Carañce nādhigaccheyya
seyyaṃ sadisamattano,
ekacariyaṃ daḷhaṃ kayirā;
natthi bāle sahāyatā.

Should a seeker not find
a companion who is better or equal,
let one resolutely pursue a solitary course;
there is no fellowship with the fool.

Dhammapada 5.61

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