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Viewing albums online

There are many ways that we may share web albums for online viewing, for example through Google Drive, Google+, Picasa Web Album, etc. We can either share it with individual(s) or allow any one with the link to view them online. It is easier to manage and organize if you keep these images in album.

Example: Picasa Web Album

We may upload our photos to Picasa, a free Google App which allows you to share your photo and video collection. It allows you to do some (limited) basic photo retouching and add limited special effects.

Procedures for providing links to your Picasa album and allow others to view online:

  1. Download and install Picasa.
  2. Open the Picasa program and sign in via your Google account.
  3. Create albums.
  4. Upload photos or videos via picasa. Select the album to include the pictures.
  5. Click Share and choose to share via links. Set the status as ‘Public’ or ‘Extended circle’ so that any one with the links may view it.
  6. Copy the share link and link to your page, save the  settings.


You need to change the accessibility to any one with the link or share with public. Copy the links and paste on your page or post.

Here’s my collection which I have stored in the Picasa online:

You may also share the item via Google Drive. Just change the share status to enable any one with the link may access to it.

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Carañce nādhigaccheyya
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Dhammapada 5.61

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