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This is a very interesting plugin. It can generate a variety of quizzes such as:

  1. Matching Quiz (match pairs) √ I have tried and it works!
  2. Matching Quiz (match groups) √ I have tried and it works!
  3. Picture Puzzle (made with the gap fill quiz mechanism)
  4. Memo-Quiz √ I have tried and it works!
  5. Multiple Choice – Quiz √ I have tried and it works!
  6. Word Jumble Quiz!!! I have trouble with this one!
  7. Crossword Quiz !!! I have trouble with this one, too!
  8. Word Search Puzzle √ I have tried and it works!
  9. Word find Quiz (Hangman Quiz) √ I have tried and it works!

The quizzes are indeed very interesting and appealing to the young learners. The beauty of it is: Every time you reload the page, the quiz reshuffled the items randomly!

After the installation, the HH-Quizzes plugin button shall appear in the SETTINGS section. You may click on the hyperlinks to reach the website for demo and getting the source codes.

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The Present Moment!

white-blue-peacockMay this experience of Integrating ICT in the teaching and learning for enhancing the process be an enjoyable one!

Carañce nādhigaccheyya
seyyaṃ sadisamattano,
ekacariyaṃ daḷhaṃ kayirā;
natthi bāle sahāyatā.

Should a seeker not find
a companion who is better or equal,
let one resolutely pursue a solitary course;
there is no fellowship with the fool.

Dhammapada 5.61

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