HH Quizzes – Multiple Choice

For the Bloggers:

I. Customize the items

You may customize the quiz items in VISUAL mode by modifying the question and the suggested answer. For example:

Original item:

How many fingers do a normal person has? (!5) (10) (!15) (!20)


  • (!5) indicates the wrong answer and i.e. (!Wrong Answer) where ! indicates that this is incorrect.
  • (10) indicates the CORRECT answer, i.e. (Right Answer) where without ! indicates that the answer is correct.

Change to:

How do you call the young of a cat? (!puppy) (kitten) (chick) (kid)

II. To restart the quiz:

You may refresh the page to try a second round. I am sorry that I haven’t come out of the solution to generate a button to kick start the second round yet.


Sample #1: Original version with the content changed.

Mutliple Choice Quiz
Click on the boxes in front of the sample question to show your selection:

What is the name of the shot that shows the whole person or the whole scene? (Long Shot) (!Medium SHot) (!Close Up) (!Extreme Close Up)

Which TWO of the following ISO settings are considered a fast film that may form clear picture in dim light condition? (!ISO 50) (!ISO 100) (ISO 400) (ISO 800)

Which of the following component of a camera allow us to control the duration of exposure on the film or light sensitive material? (!Penta Prism) (!Aperture) (!Viewfinder) (Shutter)


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