HH Quizzes – Guessing Game (Hangman Quiz)

This is another interesting quiz that involves wild guess of word, something like the game “Wheel of Fortune” where the player needs to buy consonants and vowel and guess the right word. Let’s try this out:

 Sample #1: Guessing the names of FIVE basic shapes

Guessing Games (Hangman Quiz)


  1. Click the button “Start the Quiz” to start playing the guessing game.
  2. The screen shall show a number of grey boxes on top of the screen which represent the exact number of letters required for a particular word.
  3. Click on any box and use the keyboard to type the letter(s). All the letters which you have typed shall appear at the bottom of the screen. The right letter(s) appear green while the wrong one will be in red.
  4. Only the right letter(s) will appear in the box on top of the screen and the box(es) shall turn green.
  5. Hit any of the boxes on the top before continue typing the letter(s).
  6. Once you have guessed the right word, the word will fit nicely in the boxes on the top and then will appear in the list box on the right hand side.
  7. The wrong guess will appear red on the screen. If you couldn’t make any single letter right, all the petals of the flower will drop and GAME OVER!

I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy this Guessing Game!

Guess the names of five basic shapes!


Guessing Game: 5 items | 7 items

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