HH-Quizzes – Overview

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This is a very interesting plugin. It can generate a variety of quizzes such as:

  1. Matching Quiz (match pairs) √ I have tried and it works!
  2. Matching Quiz (match groups) √ I have tried and it works!
  3. Picture Puzzle (made with the gap fill quiz mechanism) It involves breaking down an image into 16 pieces, numbered accordingly so that they may be resemble later, tedious job!
  4. Memo-Quiz √ I have tried and it works!
  5. Multiple Choice – Quiz √ I have tried and it works!
  6. Word Jumble Quiz!!! I have trouble with this one!
  7. Crossword Quiz !!! I have trouble with this one, too!
  8. Word Search Puzzle √ I have tried and it works!
  9. Word find Quiz (Hangman Quiz) √ I have tried and it works!

The quizzes are indeed very interesting and appealing to the young learners. The beauty of it is: Every time you reload the page, the quiz reshuffled the items randomly!

After the installation, the HH-Quizzes plugin button shall appear in the SETTINGS section. You may click on the hyperlinks to reach the website for demo and getting the source codes.


You may just click on this hyperlink below,  to see the demo and the source codes. Unfortunately, it speaks German language (Deutsch). Any way, Google shall do the direct translation into awkward English, just bear with it!

(Any way I have prepared the codes in .txt format as attachment for the respective example, unless you want to copy more than what I have done.)

Clik the URL to see Felix’s demo:
Riesterer, Felix. (2014). Interaktif Quizzes.http://www.felix-riesterer.de/main/seiten/quizze_en.html

:-P :-D :lol:  LIKE!!!

Felix Riesterer



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