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Plagiarism is UNETHICAL!

We are using online Plagiarism Checker to detect any COPY AND PASTE of the original article into the essay WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT! Unfortunately, I came across such unethical acts among TLS2 students! We do refer to articles for information but need

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Referencing style and resources in your assignment

The generally accepted practice is: Read the first hand information, i.e. the original author and his (her) genuine work. When an author quotes the other author’s works and ideas, based on his(her) perception and opinion, he(she) had  selectively highlighting certain ideas and

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Do not disclose personal details online

Learn and embrace the good practice such as revealing little or no personal details at all online! The personal details such as IC number, birthday, hand phone number, address, your where about, relationship, feelings and activities which are too personal

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APA Reference Style

Kindly refer to EDU3053 > APA reference style – Use MS Word as your guide for details. Any way, the original and most authoritative source of information should be the American Psychology Go for the Quick Answer – Reference.

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Learning Objectives = Learning Outcomes = Content = Evaluation?

Teachers, here are the interesting aspects that we need to ponder! Is your learning outcome = learning objectives? Is your content (reading text, activities, exercises and quizzes) testing on the learning outcome? For example: If you want the students to be able read

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Broken links

The blog, web pages operates by the same principle: It contains text,  but hyperlinks to images, audio, videos, animated gifs, documents, webpages that were inserted/linked/embedded to it. Based on this principle, we knew that inserting imultimedia elements via URL will be risky!

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How do we arrange our topics in the menu bar?

Usually, the most important items appear in the MAIN (Header) menu, literary, it’s your Home page, about you, your assignment and the contact page. Any thing secondary shall appears in other menu. It will be a GOOD PRACTICE that you

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Hot Potatoes

Let’s check the tutorials for creating: Crossword (JCross), and Cloze test (JCloze) You may find them in the Sub-Header Menu bar under the tab Hot Potatoes.

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HFS – File sharing via WiFi!

You may click the HFS button on the Sub-Header Menu Bar to check it out!

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Pertandingan Fotografi & Penerbitan Video Sempena Minggu Integriti

Pertandingan ini dibuka kepada semua pelajar PISMP Semester 4 dan 6 IPGKTHO. Tema: INTEGRITI Tarikh Tutup:  Sebelum 21 September 2014 (Ahad) Kategori Fotografi : Penyertaan secara individu. Berdasarkan tema yang ditetapkan. Gambar foto bercetak saiz 8R tanpa bingkai secara cetakan

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The Present Moment!

white-blue-peacockMay this experience of Integrating ICT in the teaching and learning for enhancing the process be an enjoyable one!

Carañce nādhigaccheyya
seyyaṃ sadisamattano,
ekacariyaṃ daḷhaṃ kayirā;
natthi bāle sahāyatā.

Should a seeker not find
a companion who is better or equal,
let one resolutely pursue a solitary course;
there is no fellowship with the fool.

Dhammapada 5.61

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